Why Dan Frakes bought an iPhone 6 Plus →

September 19, 2014 |

It wasn’t until I stopped thinking of my iPhone as a phone, and started thinking of it as a computing device, that I warmed to the idea of a honking-big smartphone. My hope with the iPhone 6 Plus is that I’ll find myself carrying a second device much less frequently. Sure, the 6 Plus may be bigger than the “perfect” phone size, and it may be a tight fit in my front jeans pocket, but it’s still incredibly small for a powerful computing device, and as long as it fits in my pocket at all, it’s better than carrying a smaller phone and a bag or sleeve with an iPad or laptop inside.

Really good point. I can see how this line of thinking would work for many. Me, I’m already used to carrying a bag everywhere because of my diabetes-related gear, so I don’t really find it that much more inconvenient to carry my iPad when I think I may need it.

To me, the more compelling features of the 6 Plus are the higher pixel density of the display (not really the size itself), the better camera with optical image stabilization, and the longer-lasting battery. All together they make a pretty good case for the iPhone 6 Plus than only gets better if, like Frakes, you look at it purely as a computing device instead of a phone.

Like I said before, I will reserve final judgement until I see them in person, in a store, and get to play with both of them for a few minutes at least. That being said, however, they are both extremely good devices so there’s probably no wrong choice here. If you’re getting ready to buy one, go with your gut and don’t think about it too much, you’ll be fine.