Marco Arment's Thoughts on Music Formats →

September 19, 2014 |

Marco Arment, on the recent reports that Apple is collaborating with Bono to launch a new anti-piracy music format:

There’s nothing Apple or Bono can do to make people care enough about glorified liner notes. People care about music and convenience, period.

As for “music that can’t be pirated”, I ask again, what decade is this? That ship has not only sailed long ago, but has circled the world hundreds of times, sunk, been dragged up, turned into a tourist attraction, went out of business, and been gutted and retrofitted as a more profitable oil tanker. Piracy is not the music industry’s real problem and never has been, and we have yet to come up with any audio or video medium that truly can’t be pirated.

Excellent piece. I don’t know if the reports are reliable, though. The idea seems too misguided and out of touch with reality for Apple to actually be considering it.