Shooting film with a Leica M6 By Kjetil Andre Dalheim →

August 16, 2014 |

Kjetil Andre Dalheim:

First of all analog is not instant. In today's society that is almost unheard of, but one of the things I really enjoy. You take the picture, but no LCD to chimp, you wait for the film to be developed, picking the best negatives to go through the scanning process, process in LR/PS and print. All of this really gives you the feeling of creating something. Sitting down and looking at the final print on fine art paper is just lovely. On the other side, seizing a moment and sharing it online instantly with friends and family is something I appreciate to be able to do, so for me both worlds offer something.

As great as digital photography has gotten in the past decade, there’s a romantic side to film photography that many people still miss.