Paper, The Opening Sentence In Facebook's 10-Year Plan | Co.Design →

February 04, 2014 |

Paper radically re-imagines what Facebook is on a mobile device as a fluid river of cards featuring news articles, photos, status updates, and more, with no ads to sully the experience (yet). It's being released next week on February 3rd, just one day before Facebook's 10-year anniversary, and there's a reason for that: Paper is the opening sentence in Facebook's next 10-year plan.

It looks interesting, naming issues aside. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet though (as of today, it’s still not available on Spain’s App Store), so I can’t speak for its usability. Perhaps even more interesting than the app itself is Origami, the design tool they created to build the interface. Pretty clever and, surprisingly, free.

It seems to me that Facebook, for all the things I don’t like about them, have gotten one thing straight: they’re not standing still, and they’re not afraid to try new things. That’s the key for long-time relevance (and survival) in the tech world.

Via Daring Fireball.