Working in the Shed →

August 06, 2013 |

Matt Gemmell, on how important it is to find the right place to work, one that allows you to focus your creative energy instead of wasting it on distractions. Lots of great stuff in here:

We have limited time. Our workdays are only so long. Our evenings. Our lives. We spend too much of our time on trivia. Some distraction is healthy and necessary, but we all know that the scales have long since tipped. The internet isn’t to blame – it’s us. We’re weak, and our natural tendency is to feed that weakness rather than struggle against it. Some people are more prolific than others, but the boundaries don’t lie where we think they do: context and self-discipline are much, much more important than your personal pace or ability. The difference that a creativity-conducive environment can make is profound.

Spot-on. I also love Matt’s scientific approach when it comes to testing one of his theories, or confirming a hunch. Experiments are fun!