How It Looks And Feels Is Supposed To Tell You How It Works →

June 19, 2013 |

Michael Heilemann, on some of the questionable design choices made by Apple in iOS 7:

So we have one arrow at the top pointing down, one at the bottom pointing up, text that 'points' right and then also a camera which points... nowhere (and is really small). Tap it, and the lock screen bounces. Hopefully people will divine from that that they can drag the camera up to take photos. However, that leaves us with _three_ drag indicators at the bottom of the screen, two of which are up! Good luck not triggering the control center when you're trying for the camera.

I agree. While the iOS 7 redesign is, for the most part, a welcome change, there are quite a few design decisions that seem rushed, and not really thought-through. What’s really disturbing is that in most cases, these changes are actually a step backwards, design-wise, compared to their counterparts in iOS 6.

Via Daring Fireball.