The 2014 iBeetle Is Like an iPhone on Wheels | The NY Times →

April 24, 2013 |

This has the potential to be really cool. The Beetle is an iconic car, probably my favorite car since its last redesign a couple years ago. Next year’s model looks promising:

Volkswagen said it collaborated with Apple to create the iBeetle, making it possible to use an iPhone to listen to music, navigate, make hands-free calls and even monitor the car’s engine functions.

This would probably be my first choice if I were in the market for a new car.

However, look at the first picture. That’s a promotional picture for the car. Isn’t it weird? Look closely, focus on the people in the background.

Yep, they’re riding their bicycles along the beach in a wonderfully sunny day. And they’re not even looking at the car.

‘nuff said.