Interpreting some of Twitter’s API changes →

August 17, 2012 |

Marco Arment, on the “Individual Tweet” section of Twitter’s Display Guidelines, which will become Requirements in the near future:

Embedding tweets in a blog post in any way other than their dynamic embed code is effectively prohibited.


I’m pretty sure this means that I can’t just display a tweet as a link and blockquote when I want to quote it here.

I don’t think that’s accurate. Guidelines are one thing, they apply to everyone, but Requirements are a different matter entirely. This is the Internet. Twitter may force these requirements upon developers who need access to their API. That’s their leverage. But the rest of the Internet doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Twitter’s requirements, and why should they? Individual tweets have public URL’s just like every other webpage. How we decide to link to these pages on our personal sites is nobody’s business but our own.

I suppose the one thing they could do is block incoming links from sites that don’t follow the requirements, but I doubt they’ll ever dare to do such a thing. For all their tough talk, Twitter needs the Internet more than the Internet needs Twitter.

So, Twitter. Thanks for the guidelines, but I’ll pass. As long as tweets are accessible via public URL’s, I will link to them however I want. If that changes one day, I’m not sure I would see much of a point in using Twitter anymore. In any case, I assure you, you will not see any of that embedded crap on this website anytime soon.