AllThis, the newest douchebags on the Internet →

December 21, 2011 |

Joel Housman:

Introducing, They list themselves as being in “beta” on their website and claim to be “the ten-minute exchange”. Apparently users can bid on and purchase blocks of other users’ time! How exciting!

Apparently there are still plenty of douchebags getting funded on the Internet to do bad things to other people. Enter AllThis, the newest-but-already-pretty-fucked-up startup that decided it would be a great idea to steal the profile pictures and info from some of the most followed and respected tech writers on the Internet in order to make it look like they’re using their service. Which, of course, they’re not.

Also, they’ll happily sell you 10 minutes of these people’s time. And they don’t even need to own it, that’s just how they roll.

This is despicable. Fortunately, they messed with the wrong guys. You see, Marco Arment, Mike Monteiro, Andy Ihnatko… These are not only nice and knowledgeable guys, they also know how to deal with Internet thieves. Unfortunately for them, they’ve had some practice before.

Also worth checking out: The much better, much more honest and much more close to reality (and also much less official and I’m guessing pretty soon to be removed) AllThisPR Twitter account. You gotta love the Internet for giving us things like these.

Via MG Siegler.