iTunes in the Cloud will support streaming | TechCrunch →

August 30, 2011 |

It looks like Apple had a trick up its sleeve:

Both [iOS 5 and iCloud] are in the process of being tested by that community [developers]. And that means things are starting to leak out. Tonight brought perhaps the biggest surprise revelation yet: iTunes in the Cloud will support streaming as well as downloading of music.

Apparently it will also support streaming of your previously purchased TV shows. This is great news. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Apple’s response to the recent launch of Spotify in the US. Things just got a whole lot more interesting in the music streaming business, and customers now have at least two credible alternatives to choose from (I’m sorry but Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Player are not quite there yet).

Now, can we please get these mouth-watering features here on this side of the Atlantic ocean? Please?