The New MacBook Air is finally here →

July 20, 2011 |

As widely anticipated, the new configurations are impressive, packing considerably more power while maintaining prices across the board. The Thunderbolt addition is also very much appreciated.

One interesting detail: the high-end stock configuration of the 11" Air is now a better deal than ever: just $200 will get you 4GB of RAM AND double the storage to 128GB of SSD goodness. Previously these were two separate upgrades.

Actually, the two highest-end configurations (the BTO options) of the 13" and the 11" have exactly the same specs now (1.8 GHZ Intel Core i7, 256GB SSD and 4GB RAM). Besides, they are only separated by $46, which leaves only the screen size to decide. Pair the top of the line 11" Air with one of the brand-new Thunderbolt Displays, and you have the perfect setup.

If you were waiting to get your hands on one of these, I’d say they were well worth the wait.