Shawn Blanc's Next Mac →

May 18, 2011 |

The 13-inch MacBook Air has everything I do need, nothing that I don’t, and even a few additional features such as being light weight and having a thinner form factor. Which means that for me, going from a 15-inch MacBook Pro to a 13-inch MacBook Air will be an upgrade.

This is just what I needed to read. Since I purchased my iPad 2, my 2010 13" MacBook Pro has rarely ever left its bag. Besides, my 24" iMac is slowly starting to show its age. I believe getting rid of the iMac and purchasing a nice display instead would be a great upgrade to my setup.

It just doesn’t make sense to keep two Macs AND the iPad around. It’s too much, it’s a hassle to sync everything, and it kills me to have the Pro just sitting around most of the time. At first I thought about selling the two computers and getting one of the newer iMacs, but I will need to travel with a computer sometimes, so I cannot really go desktop-only.

If I had to start from scratch, I could easily see myself rocking a next-gen Air like Shawn, but I’m afraid it may not be powerful enough for my development work. I guess we’ll know about it soon, but in the meantime, Shawn’s article gives me some things to think about, and some new angles to consider.