Marco Arment rounds up the first official BlackBerry PlayBook reviews →

April 15, 2011 |

The latest challenger to the “iPad killer” title is finally here. How does it stack up against the ruthless scrutiny of our favorite tech writers? Well, let’s find out:

They all agree on the major points: very good hardware overall, awful power button, good battery life, rushed and unfinished software, horrible third-party apps, inexplicable requirement of having a BlackBerry smartphone to use email and calendar, but lots of promise for future improvements.

That’s it in a nut. It looks like a very promising device, but they still didn’t come up with a compelling answer to the million-dollar question: “Why would I buy one of these instead of an iPad?”

My guess is, if you already have a BlackBerry smartphone, then it kind of makes sense. Sort of. For everybody else though, not so much. Not yet.