Shawn Blanc goes full-time →

March 11, 2011 |

It is hard to put into words just exactly how excited I am about the days ahead — I’m equal parts giddy and petrified over here. There’s that feeling of: I’m actually going to do this! Um, wait. I’m actually going to do this!?

I can’t recommend Shawn’s site enough. He’s incredibly brave for going at this as his full-time gig, and I wish him the best. Really inspiring. He even has some giveaways to help get his membership program going:

Starting yesterday, and running until midnight CST on Sunday, March 20, anyone who signs up to become a member of will be entered to win a prize. These are all top-notch prizes from some of my friends and heroes in the creative professional community.

Those will be the best 3 bucks you will ever spend. I’m only slightly offended that he rated two signed copies of Michael Lopp’s Being Geek and Managing Humans, at a lowly $25 each. I would kill to have either of those.

Via Daring Fireball.