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October 06, 2010 |


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_[Analog Sunday]( is an informal idea to encourage people to take a day off away from all things digital. Any or every Sunday can be an opportunity to unplug, get off the computer, relax, recharge the batteries and take a break from usual computer based routines by engaging with the world in a different way._
> > I’ve been enamored with the [idea of taking regular “digital sabbaticals” for a while now]( but have not really gotten the gumption to do so fully yet. Sure, there are days when I drop off of Twitter, etc. but I have not done any yet where I completely unplug. Perhaps, it is because I have been thinking of it in terms of a week, or even a weekend. That said, doing it for one day might be a modest way to start.

That’s a wonderful idea. It’s nice to just stop all this digital madness every once in a while.

I just have one teeny, tiny question… Does using an eReader (Kindle) count? I mean, it’s still just reading a book, isn’t it? :P