Microsoft has warmed Vlad Savov’s cold cynical heart with hot new hardware →

October 07, 2015 |

Vlad Savov, writing for The Verge:

The very concept of a Microsoft hardware event still feels weird to me. Software constitutes half of Microsoft’s name and most of its DNA, and yet today we were treated to a 110-minute presentation showing off Microsoft’s hardware-engineering acumen. And the whole thing was so breathlessly exciting that it felt more like 110 seconds. The most inspiring, intriguing, and frankly irresistible new hardware today is coming from Microsoft.

No hyperbole here whatsoever. But wait, there’s more:

Having already shown us the software part of its new strategy with Windows 10, Microsoft today completed the equation with delightfully attractive new hardware. It has rekindled my excitement for new devices, at the tail end of a year where innovation seemed to be either lacking or all too predictable. Today, Microsoft surprised, wowed, and delighted. It generated passion where there once was pessimism. Kudos!

I get it, Microsoft’s event was exciting, and the new products they announced look polished and well designed. The Surface Book, in particular, is an interesting take on the tablet/laptop duality, and it may prove to be a very successful product for Microsoft. But really, Savov’s level of excitement in this piece is just too much for me.

I could be wrong, but this feels a heck of a lot like he’s trying very hard to create buzz, rather than being genuinely excited about what he’s seen.