Tesla Model X: This is it →

October 05, 2015 |

The latest electric car from Tesla is out. Andrew P. Collins, writing for Truck Yeah!:1

Walk toward the car and it will paint you with powerful magic Tesla calls “ultrasonics,” which assess your trajectory, and open the door for you when you want to get in. Sit your butt down, apply brake, and the door will shut without any further input.

How does it avoid slamming into things? Ultrasonics, of course. They constantly sound the area around the car to open doors to the maximum degree possible without inadvertently bumping anything.

I’ve always thought of Teslas as the kind of car James Bond would drive — if they were made in England by Aston Martin, of course.

  1. This piece is from last week. I originally meant to include it in Saturday’s Morning Coffee, but I took it out at the last minute because I felt it didn’t quite match the general tone of the other pieces.