MirrorLessons reviews the Sony A7R II - Part 1: Autofocus →

September 29, 2015 |

Great work by Mathieu and Heather over at MirrorLessons, as always. The A7R II’s improved autofocus system is one of the most popular features of the new camera, mostly because it works reasonably well with adapted Canon and Nikon lenses, offering decent AF performance for the first time in an A7-series camera.

Mathieu’s review does a great job of covering all aspects of the A7R II’s AF system with native Sony FE lenses, adapted Sony A-mount lenses, and also adapted Canon EF lenses. The results are impressive, but at the end of the day he still recommends going with native FE lenses whenever possible, with a small asterisk:

For Canon users, things are a little different. It can be an opportunity for them to start using a mirrorless camera alongside their main system, knowing that they can interchange lenses easily. For those interested in switching to the FE system, it is possible to keep some lenses and use them on the Sony camera with good results. There is also the option to keep or buy specific lenses that can’t be found in the native FE catalog and might not appear for a long time.