Ben Brooks reviews the GORUCK 15L Shoulder Bag →

April 15, 2015 |

I had been curious about the GORUCK shoulder bags for some time, but I could never seem to find any reviews about them out there. Ben’s review is a great one, written after four months of regular use, and includes a nice size comparison with the GR1:

What should be clear is that even though the GR1 is bigger, it truly isn’t that much bigger in height and width — mostly depth. And yet the GR1 can hold a lot more things, and hold them a lot more comfortably as well.

And I think that’s where my issue is: the size of the 15L is not a compelling enough reason to use it over the GR1, and I was banking on the fact that it would be compellingly smaller.

I couldn’t agree more. I love shoulder bags for their mix of convenience and style, just as long as they’re not too big — and therefore, too heavy.

It looks like the 15L Shoulder Bag may be just a tad too big and heavy for my taste, but it definitely appears to be an excellent bag otherwise, and well worth your consideration.