The new Tools And Toys website by Shawn Blanc and friends is live →

October 07, 2014 |

Shawn Blanc:

Cool new stuff is cool and new, but let us also be mindful and intentional of our consumption habits and our lifestyles. Let’s consider what’s most important to the improvement of our lives and workflows, let’s celebrate craftsmanship and well-made products that are built to last, and let’s be content with not upgrading everything we own all the time (even though we want to). Let’s find inspiration in the march of technology, art, and creativity that is always around us. And let us not be primarily confident in the gear we use, but rather in the values we hold which inspire us to make better and do better.

Terrific new design — and more importantly, new content — to one of my favorite websites. Shawn really nailed this one.

While you’re checking it out, be sure to read Shawn’s excellent review of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera, and take a long look at the amazing accompanying photography.

Tools and Toys is made by really great people, and now it’s better than ever. If this review is representative of the type of content we can expect from them in the future, my bet is it’s quickly going to become an Internet sensation. It really is that good.

Congratulations on the relaunch guys, and keep up the awesome work!