Shawn Blanc on the new Olympus E-PL7 mirrorless camera →

September 04, 2014 |

As awesome as the E-PL7 looks when compared to its younger sibling, I don’t know that it’s a no-brainer of a purchase. It’s terribly close in price to the E-M10, and the slight savings of $100 means you’re not getting things I think are easily worth that $100 (especially once you’re up in that price range already).

I agree with his assessment. The E-PL7 looks like a nice camera, but it’s just too close to the E-M10 in price to justify its purchase.

There’s something else I find curious. Olympus is widely expected to introduce new camera models in the upcoming Photokina. The fact that they chose to reveal the E-PL7 barely a month before the fair, as opposed to waiting for it may suggest that they have something big up their sleeve, and they don’t want whatever they’re planning to announce to share the spotlight with any other camera.

Now I’m intrigued.