Matt Gemmell: Making changes →

January 21, 2014 |

Matt Gemmell explains the reasons behind his career transition into writing full-time. Refreshingly honest article, as usual:

I’m scared, but being scared isn’t the same as being unsure. I was a programmer for a living, but for better or for worse, I’m meant to be a writer.

You should read the entire article to truly appreciate the thought and care that went into this decision. I wish Matt only the best, and I’m deeply grateful for his contribution to the tech community over the years. But as he said himself, he was always going to be a writer in the end. Those of us who have been reading along for a while already knew on some level that this day would come, eventually. And I, for one, could not be more excited about it. I think he’s going to be a terrific writer, quite simply because in my book he already is.

Now it’s time to support his dream by becoming a patron of his writing. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and already signed up. If you appreciate great writing and want to see more of it, you should too.