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March 09, 2011 |

Let us meditate for a moment on James Bond. Clever and tough as he is, he’d be mincemeat a hundred times over if not for the hyper-competent support team that stands behind him. When he needs to chase a villain, the team summons an Aston Martin DB5. When he’s poisoned by a beautiful woman with dubious connections, the team offers the antidote in a spring-loaded, space-age infusion device. When he emerges from a swamp overrun with trained alligators, it offers a shower, a shave, and a perfectly tailored suit. It does not talk down to him or waste his time. It anticipates his needs, but does not offer him everything he might ever need, all the time.

Online excerpt from The Elements of Content Strategy, a promising new book by Erin Kissane on the importance of Content Strategy on the Web. It seems incredibly interesting to me, as I progressively commit to this adventure. Brought to you by A Book Apart.

Via Jason Santa Maria.