Which iPad 2 should I get? →

March 08, 2011 |

If you’re happy with your iPad, there’s not a huge reason to upgrade. Casual gadget customers who already own iPads are probably better off waiting for the next version. But for the sake of the rest of this post, suppose you’re buying an iPad 2.

Excellent advice from Marco Arment on how to decide which of the iPad 2 models is perfect for you. Pretty useful, considering that there are 18 different configurations (!) to choose from.

I don’t quite agree with him on one thing, though:

Black is the safest option if you’re unsure. I suggest seeing them in person before choosing white. While I haven’t seen them yet, I suspect that the white bezel is more likely to be distracting. You’re not supposed to notice the hardware while using it, and I bet the black will be easier to ignore than the white.

I suspect for some people the black bezel can be quite irritating due to the reflections. It’s practically like holding a mirror, and it can be distracting while watching video, for instance. A white bezel would go a long way towards eliminating reflections in the area around the screen. In any case, like Marco said, you should see one of these in person before picking one.