Apple forces Panic to remove iCloud Drive feature →

December 08, 2014 |

From the Panic Blog:

Transmit iOS 1.1.1 is out, fixing a few bugs in our surprisingly powerful file management app for your iPhone or iPad.

Also, at Apple’s request, we had to remove the ability to “Send” files to other services, including iCloud Drive.

In short, we’re told that while Transmit iOS can download content from iCloud Drive, we cannot upload content to iCloud Drive unless the content was created in the app itself. Apple says this use would violate 2.23 — “Apps must follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines or they will be rejected” — but oddly that page says nothing about iCloud Drive or appropriate uses for iCloud Drive.

This is getting ridiculous. Marco Arment has a good theory on why these seemingly arbitrary rejections keep happening all the time:

One hand isn’t talking to the other: engineering makes great features available to developers that could be used to build amazingly useful and powerful applications, then the App Store bans anything beyond their most trivial uses.

This sure feels like the ramifications of an internal turf war. I hope the higher-ups at Apple realize how important it is to resolve this quickly, because their devices, users, and developers are all suffering unnecessarily.

Apple needs to get their act together on this, and soon.

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The Best Everyday Carry Pocket Knives →

December 08, 2014 |

I’m not much of a knife person, but even I can recognize how thorough and meticulous Ben Brooks has been in this article for Tools and Toys. Great overview and some really cool looking images that almost make me want to go buy one right now — and an entire woodshed to go with it. If you’re in the market for a new pocket knife, check it out.

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How 8 Famous Photographers Have Changed Over the Past Year →

December 08, 2014 |

Speaking of The Phoblographer, this is an excellent article:

A year can change someone, especially if you’re a goal-driven photographer always trying to make progress. Every year, each photographer tries to make changes that move them forward, but some do better than others.

We talked [to] eight of the top photographers in the world about how they progressed and what they did that made a difference.

Great stories and advice in here, not to mention some truly gorgeous photographs.

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Working for The Man should be a last resort →

December 08, 2014 |

David Cain:

According to my critics, even if you find your standard weekday boring, painful or unfulfilling, you ought to embrace it, simply because a third-world coal miner would kill for your benefits package. When so many have so little, attempting to escape a situation in which you can reliably feed yourself and fund a retirement could only be an act of the utmost ingratitude.

A minority of us believe the opposite is true — that escaping from an unfulfilling mainstream lifestyle isn’t a moral failing, but rather a moral imperative. It’s precisely because we have all the necessary freedoms at our fingertips (and because others don’t) that spending our lives in the stable isn’t just foolish, but wrong. To remain, voluntarily, in a life where your talents are wasted and your weekdays are obstacles is to be humble in all the wrong ways.

It’s impossible to overstate just how important David Cain’s writing has been to me since I decided to escape the corporate world myself.

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The Phoblographer's First Impressions of the Sony A7 Mk II →

December 08, 2014 |

Seems exactly what many people were expecting: a slightly improved version of the original Sony A7 with built-in 5-axis in-body image stabilization:

What we’re very happy about though is the image stabilization that can surely endure most problems that you’ll encounter when shooting if you practice logical exposure manipulation.

I admit I was hoping for a more enthusiastic reaction, but it’s true that the A7 was already an excellent camera, so there was not much margin for improvement to begin with.

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‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ Gameplay Video →

December 06, 2014 |

Sony unveiled the first official gameplay demo of ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ during today’s PlayStation Experience event. Even in its current unfinished state, the game looks absolutely stunning:

I’ve always enjoyed adventure games, but during the past decade I missed a lot of them. I took a seven-year hiatus from gaming between 2005 and 2012, during which time I didn’t even own a console. When I decided to start gaming again last year I thought about buying a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, but I figured this was a great opportunity to discover all the great games of the last generation that I had missed.

At that time, both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 were heavily discounted, and most games were easy to find in used condition for just a few bucks. The reason I chose the PS3 over the slightly cheaper Xbox 360 was just so that I could play through the Uncharted games, and I’m so gad I did. After finishing them all, I can confidently say Uncharted may be my favorite video game series of all time.

Judging from what I just saw on this video, it looks like Nathan Drake’s next adventure will be his best ever, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I may have to seriously reconsider my decision to not buy the PS4 when this game comes out.

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Layer Tennis Season 4 Championship Match: “Smells Like Vectory” →

December 05, 2014 |

The Season 4 Championship Match of Layer Tennis is finally upon us.

Featuring Kelli Anderson vs. James White and narrated by Mr. John Gruber, this promises to be an exciting match, and an excellent way to wrap up a memorable season.

And remember:

As usual, Layer Tennis league officials do not encourage wagering on the outcome of this match, nor the consumption of any adult beverages prior to the completion of volley 8. (Also as usual, they don’t exactly discourage such things, either.)

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The Godfather Bar, Still Open →

December 05, 2014 |

Bar Vitelli en Savoca (famoso por una escena de "El Padrino")

Photo Credit: Ramón Cutanda López

Messy Nessy:

Savoca, a quiet town in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily, located east of Palermo, was the location for the scenes set in Corleone of Francis Ford Coppola‘s The Godfather. Bar Vitelli in Savoca, which is still a functioning establishment, was featured in the motion picture as the place where Michael Corleone asked the father of his doomed bride to be, Apollonia, to help arrange the match.

I admit it, I’m a sucker for these stories. So cool.

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