The Last Roll →

September 29, 2014 |

The Last Roll is a great short film about the end of slide film development:

At the end of February 2014, Orms, one of the most well known professional photography stores and film processors in Cape Town, stopped processing slide film (called the E6 process). Two photographers were asked to use the last few rolls of slide film to be processed here. While there, we met another photographer who only shot on slide film. This is their story about the end of slide film.

Via The Phoblographer.

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Brent Simmons joins the Omni Group →

September 29, 2014 |

I start my new job as a developer at the Omni Group today. You already know them and their wonderful products, and I’ve expressed my admiration for them here on my blog many times.

But, before I talk about how I’m excited for this new job, I’ll reassure Vesper users: Vesper will continue, and I will continue as its developer.

It seems like it’s great news for everyone. Best of luck to Brent in his new adventure.

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Jean-Louis Gassée on Blackberry's grim prospects →

September 29, 2014 |

In reality, RIM was much more than three years behind iOS (and, later, Android). Depending on whom we listen to, the 2007 iPhone didn’t just stand on a modern (if incomplete) OS, it stood on 3 to 5 years of development, of trial and error.

BlackBerry had lost the software battle before it could even be fought.

All other factors that are invoked in explaining BlackBerry’s fall — company culture, hardware misdirections, loss of engineering talent — pale compared to the fundamentally unwinnable software battle.


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Nathan Fillion's interview with Playboy →

September 29, 2014 |

Continuing with the borderline-creepy coincidences, today I came across this interview, and the moment could not be better. I’m just coming off binge-watching Joss Whedon’s excellent but short-lived TV series, Firefly, and its movie sequel, Serenity:

Is there, and this is a weird thing to say, but is there a trap to being typecast as awesome?

[Laughs] I don’t know. “Typecast as awesome.” Am I? You look at Malcolm Reynolds, that guy was pretty awesome. Not because he was super and unstoppable; he lost all the time. His victories were tiny. And he’ll take ’em. It took very little to make that guy happy. As long as he was sticking it to the right guy, and walking away with being able to walk, he was cool.

As soon as I watched the pilot, Malcolm Reynolds instantly became one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. It’s extremely rare to see a character so well established, so deep-layered and complex, and yet so relatable in every way.

I always liked Fillion well enough, but his incredible performances on Firefly and Serenity have made me appreciate him as an actor on a whole different level. And judging from this interview —as well as numerous others I’ve seen over the years— he seems to be a pretty decent human being, too.

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Jason Snell on the problem with video streaming services →

September 29, 2014 |

The point is, if you’re a Netflix subscriber—or an Amazon Prime customer, for that matter—you are binge-watching in a Barcalounger in a rumpus room built on shifting sands. If your service and the owner of the content can’t come to an agreement, if some competitor swoops in offering more money for exclusive rights, you’re out of luck. The rug can, and will, be pulled out from under you.

He has a point. I have a Spotify subscription and every time I come across an album or a song I like, I buy it so that I can own it forever. As far as video goes, there are currently no streaming video services operating in Spain, but if there was one, I’d probably approach it with the same strategy. I don’t like surprises when it comes to my digital media collection.

I also happen to have a totally redundant and unnecessarily excessive backup strategy for my media files, but that’s a story for another day.

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Ready for rain →

September 29, 2014 |

Lee LeFever:

For me, the pressure is really a feeling of guilt. When the sun is out, I feel guilty about being indoors because a summer day indoors is a summer day wasted. By the end of September, I just want to sit on the couch and watch a movie and not feel guilty about it. I want to wake up without the pressure.

Let the clock tick — I am ready for rain.

Via Ben Brooks.

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iOS 8 does movie quote predictions →

September 29, 2014 |

Today’s xkcd:

iOS 8 Keyboard on xkcd

I’m so happy I got the 4th movie reference, because in what’s an amazing coincidence, yesterday I watched Serenity for the first time ever.

It’s actually kinda creepy how xkcd seems to do that to me every now and then.

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Dealing with confrontation in street photography | The Phoblographer →

September 26, 2014 |

Julius Motal:

Several months back, a reader emailed us about how to avoid confrontation in street photography. Up until that point and beyond, I had successfully photographed without incident. That, however, has changed. I was walking up towards the train when I saw this man with his cat. I knelt down to get a photo on their level and made two images before inching slightly closer to get a tighter frame. He looked up just as I made the shot, and that’s when it all went wrong.

There a few things you should always keep in mind when taking pictures of strangers on the street.

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