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This page contains an archive of all the guides previously published on Analog Senses.

Unfortunately, once a recent article is phased out of the homepage, it gets buried far too deep within the archives to be easily found by anyone again. For that reason, I’ve decided to curate them here, in their own separate page, for your convenience. For reference, each entry specifically states the date when it was last updated.

As a side note, historically these are some of the most popular articles on the site. Every now and then I get email from readers who came across one of these pieces and found the answer they were looking for. Those emails usually make my day, so if you do find something useful on this page — and hopefully you will — feel free to say hi!

Upgrading my Early-2008, 24-inch iMac with an SSD

After more than six years as my main computer, I was faced with the need to either replace or upgrade my Early-2008 24-inch iMac. Instead of replacing it, I upgraded the internal hard drive with an SSD, which gave it a new lease of life.

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Now serving delicious baked goods

I finally migrated Analog Senses from a self-hosted Wordpress installation to a static publishing system built with Octopress and deployed on Github Pages. This is an account of how I did it, and how you can, too.

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