Analog Senses is a website about the human side of technology, featuring links and articles on design, photography, Apple and the tech industry in general, as well as other interesting things currently happening on planet Earth. It is written and produced by Álvaro Serrano.

I was born in 1983 in Plasencia, a walled city in Western Spain, small in size but steeped in History. The time was 1:05 a.m., it was Summer and it also happened to be Tuesday.

Flash-forward 33 years and change, and I’m now a Telecommunication Engineer with a Master’s degree in Bioengineering and Telemedicine. For six years I used to work at a research group at Technical University of Madrid (UPM), developing apps for several research projects, of both national and international scope. I left the University in 2014 and these days I’m trying to establish myself as an independent developer, writer, and photographer.

My eyes are green, just like my mother’s, and my favorite smell in the world is that of freshly brewed coffee, specially early in the morning.

If we’ve ever met, I’ve probably tried to take a picture of you at some point. Over the past few years, my relationship with photography has quickly grown from hobby to passion to love to business, and now I’m hooked. Besides taking pictures every day, I’m also one of the co-hosts of the photography podcast Candid, alongside my friends Josh Ginter and Marius Masalar.

In mid-2014 I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes, which means my body cannot regulate my blood-sugar levels on its own.


Analog Senses is powered by the wonderful Octopress and uses my customized version of the Readify theme by Vladi Gleba, which is available under the MIT License. The site is hosted on Github Pages.

Special plugins used include Footnotes Popover by Matt Gemmell, Octopress Responsive Video Embed by Udo Kramer, and Octopress Spotify Play Button by Marc Riera.

Custom Web fonts used throughout the site include Garden Grown and Bebas Neue in the site’s header and also in the titles and headings. The body font is Proxima Nova, which should improve readability, especially on high-resolution (a.k.a. Retina) displays.

Images are usually hosted on Flickr!

On the software front, Analog Senses is written and produced using Smultron, Git, GitHub,, and the Safari Web Browser on a Mac. Easy.

Affiliate Link Policy

Analog Senses uses Amazon Affiliate links whenever possible. If you follow one of these links and buy something — whether it is the linked-to item or not — I’ll get a small kickback from Amazon. These links are currently the site’s main source of income.

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Analog Senses doesn’t feature comments, but other forms of reader feedback are encouraged and appreciated. If you’d like to ask me anything, send comments, or just want to say hi, you can send me an email at “contact” @ this domain.

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