Introducing Candid

February 17, 2016

Today is a big day.

I’m incredibly excited to announce Candid, a new weekly podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

Once a week, Marius Masalar, Josh Ginter and yours truly will be getting together to talk about every little thing that piques our interest in the vast world of photography. That includes everything from creative advice, inspirational topics, the struggle of being a professional, and of course, gear talk. Lots and lots of gear talk.

We’re thrilled to show you what we’ve been working on, and we really hope you join us for the ride. Check out our first episode and, if you like what you hear, please take a moment to help spread the word and rate the show on iTunes. It only takes a minute, and it helps a ton. Thanks!