A unique snowflake

July 28, 2013

Sometimes I can’t escape the feeling that I’m a walking cliché. You know, saying what everybody says, wearing what everybody wears, doing what everybody does. It’s exhausting. Today seems to be one of those days.

Let’s see: it’s a hot Summer afternoon and I’m sitting in a nice cafe, typing on my MacBook Pro with a steaming latte and my RayBan sunglasses sitting aside my laptop. Yep, I’ve seen this before. I’m also surrounded by plenty of young, good looking hipsters, many of which seem to be doing the exact same thing as I am. I mean, give me a break. The whole scene is so fucking unoriginal that the only thing that could make it worse would be an Instagram shot immortalizing this not-so-unique moment.

Since I’m not above self-deprecation and I have a very particular sense of humor, here’s the shot for your viewing pleasure:

The most original scene in the world

There’s even latte-art in the coffee, for Christ’s sake. It’s moments like these that make me wonder whether we’ve all been brainwashed by an unknown, hipster-loving alien species. Or maybe this is all some sort of weird, mass-delusion experiment and nobody bothered to tell me. Just for the record, a little heads-up would be nice next time.

And what do I, a smart young man, decide to do to escape this nagging feeling of unoriginality? Well, of course, I write this article and I post it to my personal Website. Because nobody does that anymore, right? Right??

Sometimes you just can’t win. In my experience, the only way to avoid frustration in those cases is to just go with it. Accept your mediocrity. Embrace it. Because you truly are unique, just like every other goddamned person on this planet.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have a latte to finish and it’s getting cold.

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