Exciting news

September 09, 2010

Introducing, for the first time, my personal website for those of you who understand Spanish (it is, after all, my first language).

The purpose of this web is two-fold:

First, it will enable me to learn how to code and build a website, which I’ve always wanted to do. But I’m starting one small step at a time. At the moment the web is handled by Wordpress, while it’s up to me to figure out how to tweak the theme and learn basic CSS. Who knows, maybe I’ll build a new one from the ground up one day. Suggestions, by the way, are not only welcome, but encouraged ;)

Second, I feel more comfortable writing about certain things in Spanish. Things that wouldn’t fit very well with Tumblr, or the tone I’m trying to set for this blog. But don’t worry, Analog Senses is very much alive, and it will continue to see the same kind of content that before. Only bigger, better, and uncut (and more frequently updated, I hope!)

That said, I give you I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do publishing it.