London, Baby!!

November 26, 2009

It’s been a few days, and to be honest I was a bit worried that my old lazy self would make an appearance and turn this place into a mere sketch of an idea that could have been so much more.

But not to worry, at least for now he’s locked away and under control, and we are free to once again explore the world in all its beauty.

Before I get started though, I wanted to apologize for something I forgot in the previous post. Someone, to be exact. You see, when I was introducing my pals I left out one of them. In all honesty, I’m not surprised, Troy is the kind of guy you are not likely to notice if he doesn’t want to be noticed. He’s the stealth master of the group. If you need to find out something without other people knowing about it, Troy is your guy. If you want to know what the pretty girl with the low-cut top is drinking before you go over there and pretend to accidentally spill her drink (so that you can handsomely offer to buy her a new one afterwards), just send him over. He’ll be back with the name of the drink, her favorite color, the name of her pet and even the dates of her menstrual cycle… and she won’t even notice. Guaranteed.

Good old Troy. What a remarkable fella.

And now that we’ve settled that, let’s move on to the real reason behind today’s post. It is my pleasure to announce that today I will be traveling to London, to watch the ATP World Tour Finals. Remember I warned you about the occasional tennis-related post? well, here you have it.

I will be traveling with my brother. This is my birthday present for him, since he is just as big a tennis nerd as I am, if not more. We’ll be watching the two semifinal sessions on Saturday. On top of that, I made this video for him when I told him about the trip:

And tennis-wise, things are looking terrific in the World Tour Finals, with the only disappointment so far being the elimination of Nadal yesterday. Surprise? yes. Big deal? yes. Sad? Hell, no. As long as I get to see Federer play, and hopefully I will, everything will be fine. And the way he’s playing at the moment, I think he’s the overwhelming favorite to take the trophy for the fifth time. Djokovic and Davydenko are exhausted to the brink of injury, and Del Potro and Murray will have one heck of a thriller today if they want to qualify for the semis. Even Verdasco still has options, things couldn’t look any better. Soderling seems to be the only real threat to Federer, and the H2H record between the two is devastating, to put it mildly: 12-0 for the Swiss. No need to say more.

I’ll keep you posted, I am totally psyched about this trip ^_^

On a related note, this will be the third time I visit the capital of the United Kingdom. I had a terrific time on each of the previous occasions, and I hope to continue the streak this time around. I’ll let you know about it when I come back.