The reviews of the iPhones 6 are out

September 17, 2014

With less than 48 hours to go until the new iPhones go on sale (in a few countries, at least), the first reviews are coming out. Here’s a roundup of the most interesting ones:

  • John Gruber has some nice things to say about both iPhones. Highlights include: the differences in size, the display on the iPhone 6 Plus, and the special operation mode for one-handed use. Good stuff, as ever. I particularly agree with John on the user profile each iPhone is optimized for. It just sucks that, like John, I fit right in the middle of both camps.

  • Jim Dalrymple thinks the iPhone 6 is a tremendous upgrade that is sure to satisfy everyone. And the iPhone 6 Plus is BIG. Other than that, no significant differences between both models in day-to-day use.

  • Jason Snell, in what is probably his last product review for Macworld, says that the iPhone 6 Plus could work well for people who don’t plan to buy an iPad and would use the iPhone as their only computing device. Be sure to also check his new blog for additional commentary.

  • The Verge has split the review in two articles: one for the iPhone 6 and another for the iPhone 6 Plus. Great photography in both articles, and they praise the iPhone 6 Plus’s camera as “the best smartphone camera I’ve ever used”. It is the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, though, that gets the better overall score in their points-based test.

  • Re/code has also split the review in two parts. Walt Mossberg reviews the 4.7-inch model, which he considers to be the natural successor to the iPhone 5S, and Lauren Goode reviews the iPhone 6 Plus.

Those are the usual suspects. This year is arguably harder than ever to choose between the new models, so if you’re still undecided about which one to get, be sure to read through, there’s good stuff in there.

For what it’s worth, though, the general consensus seems to be: when in doubt, go with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Plus is apparently best suited for those people who already know they want it.